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Retail Job Descriptions

Retail Job Descriptions

With five million people working in the retail sector, there is a mass of talent looking for the best jobs, benefits, and working environments. With a business sector flush with trained and untrained workers, getting an overwhelming flood of applicants when advertising vacancies is all too easy. This can put employers and recruiters in a position where it is hard to filter through the available talent, costing time and valuable resources.

If you are hiring a store manager, shop assistant, merchandiser, or buyer, we recommend placing focus on the must-have skills, experience, and in some cases, qualifications. The most straightforward and practical approach is to start with a job description template.

Here we provide ten retail job description examples and offer resources to tailor your job ad and job specifications.

Store Manager Job Description

Store Managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of a retail space. Their duties include managing staff, ensuring policy adherence, and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Store Manager job description example:

We are searching for an experienced Store Manager to lead our sales team. In this role, you will recruit new hires, provide training, and manage their ongoing performance.

We expect you to develop strategies to ensure the team beats its sales and customer service goals. You will plan employee schedules, set objectives, ensure visual standards, and monitor stock and supply.

To succeed as a Store Manager, you will have a business administration degree or equivalent experience in a managerial role. You will be aware of industry trends and have acute skills in motivating individuals.

View Store Manager Job Spec

Travel Agent Job Description

Travel Agents work within a travel agency’s physical store or remotely. They promote tourism packages, including transportation, accommodation, and supplementary services.

Travel Agent job description example:

Our travel agency is looking for a positive and highly motivated Travel Agent. You will leverage excellent interpersonal skills to gain customers’ trust and steer them towards an appropriate travel package.

In this role, you will present destinations and travel options that meet the client’s requirements. Your duties will include building relationships, resolving complaints, making reservations, and collecting payments.

A degree in tourism or travel is preferred, and the ideal candidate will have prior travel agent or sales experience. You will have excellent computer, communication, and organisational skills.

View Travel Agent Job Spec

Shop Assistant Job Description

Shop Assistants work in retail spaces and are tasked with making sales, providing customer service, and resolving complaints.

Shop Assistant job description example:

Our company is recruiting a positive and motivated Shop Assistant to join our sales and service team. Duties include greeting customers, listening to their needs, identifying appropriate products, and processing sales.

Your responsibilities will include making accurate financial transactions, balancing the till, and preparing banking. You will restock the shelves, set up merchandise displays and point of sale advertising, and resolve customer issues to maintain excellent customer satisfaction levels.

To succeed as a Shop Assistant, you will have at least two GCSEs and have a flair for communicating with and putting customers at ease. Previous customer service or sales experience is an advantage.

View Shop Assistant Job Spec

Retail Job Description

Jobs in Retail include roles with designated sales, customer service, or stocking tasks. They work in shops located in town centres, shopping centres, and retail parks.

Retail job description example:

We are searching for professionals with a desire to work in Retail. You will work within one of our retail units and perform stock management, sales, and customer service duties in this role.

You will possess a knack for assessing which product benefits and features will be attractive to individual clients. You will process sales, complete credit checks, and process transactions and refunds through our POS system.

The ideal applicant will have previous customer service, sales, and POS system experience. You will have good levels of English and maths, be able to stand for long shifts, have an engaging personality, and maintain excellent timekeeping and punctuality.

View Retail Job Spec

Cashier Job Description

Cashiers work in large retail stores, car dealerships, banks, and a broad range of B2C and B2B companies.

Cashier job description example:

Our company is hiring a trustworthy and detail-focused Cashier. In this role, you will handle cash payments and process debit and credit card transactions.

The responsibilities of our Cashier include maintaining a clean and tidy environment, upselling services and products, and providing high levels of customer service. You will answer customer questions, resolve complaints, balance the cash register, and prepare banking remittances.

The ideal candidate will have outstanding numerical skills, and previous cashier experience is a plus. You must be able to work as part of a team, remain punctual and cheerful, and have a professional image.

View Cashier Job Spec

Customer Assistant Job Description

Customer Assistants sell products, provide information, and answer customer questions. They might handle inbound telephone calls or work in a customer-facing role.

Customer Assistant job description example:

We are looking for a Customer Assistant to join our front-of-house team. You will be responsible for answering customer questions, selling products, and resolving complaints.

In this role, you will respond to emails and answer telephone calls. You will build customer satisfaction, improve relationships, and record details of interactions and conversations.

To succeed as our Customer Assistant, you will need CRM experience and have previously worked in a sales or customer service role. You will have exceptional verbal communication skills and enjoy working as part of a team.

View Customer Assistant Job Spec

Estate Agent Job Description

An Estate Agent works with people looking to sell or buy a home. They market the property, conduct showings of homes, and act as an intermediary between the homeowners and buyers.

Estate Agent job description example:

Our agency is recruiting an Estate Agent to join our busy team. Your duties will include assisting clients with buying, selling, and renting properties. You will conduct property searches, prepare contracts, and schedule property viewings.

We expect you to work with both private and commercial properties and communicate between parties. You will create listings, negotiate sales and ensure legal compliance.

The successful candidate will have superb industry knowledge, customer service or sales experience, and a confident manner. The ability to manage relationships, negotiate contracts and gain trust is essential in this role.

View Estate Agent Job Spec

Merchandiser Job Description

A Merchandiser manages the delivery and distribution of stock across a business. They will deal with suppliers, set prices, and maximise profits.

Merchandiser job description example:

Our organisation is recruiting a Merchandiser to ensure stock is available to our retail stores. In this position, you will oversee inventory management, identify stock overages and collaborate with the marketing team to determine future stock needs. You will assess trends, research competitors, and visit stores.

We expect you to travel to our retail outlets and oversee display formats and product layouts. You will need to identify wastages, maximise profits and adapt strategies based on feedback from stores.

Our ideal candidate will have a degree in supply chain management, retail experience, and an understanding of marketing and merchandising practices. Strong organisational, time management, and communication skills are vital.

View Merchandiser Job Spec

Store Assistant Job Description

A Store Assistant works in a retail setting serving customers, processing payments, and restocking store displays.

Store Assistant job description example:

We are seeking an enthusiastic and friendly Store Assistant to be part of our retail team. Your duties will include greeting customers, helping them locate and purchase items, and restocking the shop. You will create merchandising displays, handle payments and maintain adequate stock levels.

We expect you to advise customers on suitable products, provide excellent customer service and drive sales. You will assist the store manager with opening and closing procedures and receive and unpack stock.

To be successful, you will need a passion for helping people, retail experience, and a friendly attitude. Basic administration skills and retail experience would be an advantage.

View Store Assistant Job Spec

Buyer Job Description

A Buyer is responsible for purchasing all the relevant supplies, equipment, and materials for a company to conduct its business.

Buyer job description example:

Our company is recruiting for a Buyer to select and purchase items for our business. As a Buyer, you will evaluate items, negotiate prices, and organise the purchase and delivery of materials. You will process purchase orders, track deliveries and maintain stock.

We expect you to conduct quality assurance tests, escalate any discrepancies, and resolve problems. You will analyse market trends and apply these to buying activities, coordinate with the stockroom and work with other teams to identify supply needs.

Our ideal candidate will have a degree in business or related and have exceptional negotiation skills and proficiency in MS Office. International and domestic travel is an element of this role.

View Buyer Job Spec

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