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The Roles Of Customer Service

The Roles Of Customer Service

Customer service is at the core of most businesses and duties are carried out by generalists or individuals with industry, product, or service knowledge or leadership experience. When recruiting candidates to fill these jobs, your job descriptions and adverts should detail the duties and responsibilities, along with qualifications, proficiencies, and experience.

Here we look at the customer service roles that keep your customers satisfied and ensure continued, and future business. 

Roles of a Customer Service Manager

A Customer Service Manager has responsibility for the actions and performance of the customer service team. The motivation, pool of knowledge, and individual targets are all in the hands of your Customer Service Manager.

Customer Service Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Nurturing team members and mentoring career progression
  • Ensuring sales targets are met
  • Resolving escalated complaints or issues
  • Ensuring standards and service quality
  • Collating data and reporting to senior management
  • Conducting performance reviews and arranging training 

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Roles of a Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives answer incoming calls and provide responses and information that lifts customer satisfaction levels. 

Customer Service Representative roles and responsibilities:

  • Answering incoming calls from customers
  • Resolving issues and investigating product or service problems
  • Recording details of customer interactions
  • Cross-selling complimentary or additional products
  • Responding to emails and social media messages
  • Redirecting enquires to technical support or team managers

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Roles of a Customer Service Agent

A Customer Service Agent requires outstanding listening and communication skills to successfully create positive outcomes. Working as part of a team, they have individual and group sales targets.

Customer Service roles and responsibilities:

  • Answering calls and responding to emails promptly
  • Maintaining customer records and call logs
  • Listening to customer grievances and suggesting solutions
  • Selling company products or service subscriptions
  • Collating customer feedback
  • Attending meetings and training events

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Roles of a Customer Service Advisor

The duties of Customer Service Advisors include communicating with clients over various mediums to solve problems, take payments, and amend orders.

Customer Service Advisor roles and responsibilities:

  • Fielding incoming telephone calls, emails, and chat
  • Providing solutions or referring clients to technical support
  • Ensuring actions follow company policies and procedures
  • Assessing customer needs and selling appropriate products
  • Actioning customer database amendments
  • Performing administrative tasks as requested by supervisors and managers

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Roles of a Team Leader

A Team Leader is responsible for a group of operatives and fields communication between team members and management.

Team Leader roles and responsibilities:

  • Consulting frequently with subordinates and managers
  • Building trust and a positive work culture between teammates
  • Motivating staff and providing coaching to help them achieve satisfaction and sales goals
  • Monitoring paperwork, databases, and calls for policy compliance and quality standards
  • Encouraging the flow of new ideas and solutions
  • Recognising the achievements and milestones of the team and its members

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Roles of a Customer Service Assistant

A Customer Service Assistant spends the majority of their working day speaking to customers on the phone, by email, or via a website chat client.

Customer Service Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Arranging services and selling products
  • Converting customer complaints into positive outcomes
  • Documenting conversations using customer service software
  • Cancelling orders or arranging returns
  • Attending meetings and training events
  • Adhering to company and legislative policies

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Roles of a Call Centre Agent

Call Centre Agents work in medium and large office environments and handle large volumes of calls. They follow scripts and have a daily sales target based on full-time or part-time hours.

Call Centre Agent roles and responsibilities:

  • Answering and completing calls within a specified timeframe
  • Following scripts and selling products or services
  • Working regular hours or shifts incorporating evenings, weekends, and Bank Holidays
  • Updating the CRM system with customer details and interactions
  • Attending product training events
  • Striving to meet and exceed customer expectations

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