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Finance Job Descriptions

Finance Job Descriptions

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Finance professionals carry out numerous tasks for their companies while ensuring legal and regulatory compliance. From planning financial strategies to collecting payments, it is vital to fill these roles with employees with verified skills.

Creating a job description is the first step in sourcing candidates for vacant financial positions in your company. We recommend using a job description template to convey to candidates the qualifications, skills, and experience you are looking for. By creating an effective job description, you will attract interest for the brightest talent.

Financial Analyst Job Description

Financial Analysts are responsible for analysing financial data and preparing various reports.

Financial Analyst job description example:

We are searching for a Financial Analyst to join our company. In this role, you will be responsible for preparing financial reports, conducting research, and economic forecasting.

We expect you to research economic conditions, analyse our financial performance, provide trend-based recommendations, and assess our financial risk. Your duties will require collaboration and coordination with financial team members and reporting to senior management.

To succeed as our Financial Analyst, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business, or economics. You will be computer proficient, possess strong leadership skills, and have a deep understanding of corporate finance and forecasting.

View Financial Analyst Job Spec

Financial Controller Job Description

Financial Controllers are tasked with improving and managing a company’s financial performance.

Financial Controller job description example:

Our company is seeking a Financial Controller to direct our accounting operations and improve our financial performance. In this position, you will evaluate and manage risks, publish financial statements, and ensure compliance with regulations.

Your duties will include overseeing our expenditure, coordinating audits, ensuring financial accuracy, and implementing proper controls. You will formulate financial strategies and help the company maintain revenue and economic growth.

To be successful as our Financial Controller, you will need a Master’s degree in accounting or a relevant field. You will have proven financial management and auditing experience, accounting software proficiency, and excellent analytical skills.

View Financial Controller Job Spec

Finance Assistant Job Description

Finance Assistants manage a company’s invoices, payment processing, and financial record keeping.

Finance Assistant job description example:

Our business is hiring a Finance Assistant who will support the finance department. Working as a finance team member, you will process payments, create invoices, and update our financial records.

We expect you to oversee client accounts, chase payments, review reports, and perform audits. You will prepare employee payments, suggest strategies for reducing costs, and report discrepancies.

The ideal candidate will have a degree in finance or accounting and have outstanding accounting software and Microsoft Excel knowledge. You will have sound knowledge of bookkeeping and be detail-orientated.

View Finance Assistant Job Spec

Finance Director Job Description

Finance Directors drive the financial operations and performance of a company.

Finance Director job description example:

We are recruiting a Finance Director to join our industry-leading organisation. In this role, you will play a central role in improving our financial performance and introduce financial targets and strategies.

As our Financial Director, you will engage with investors, monitor cash flow, ensure tax compliance, and oversee annual insurances. You will also train our accounting team and manage our internal controls.

To succeed in this position, you will have a Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting and have a strong aptitude for maths. You will have strong analytical skills, computer literacy, and financial management experience.

View Finance Director Job Spec

Finance Manager Job Description

Finance Managers plan, organise, and implement financial projects and tasks in their organisation.

Finance Manager job description example:

Our company is hiring a detail-oriented Finance Manager with outstanding commercial awareness. As our Finance Manager, you will organise financial tasks and estimate the funding required for our short-term and long-term objectives.

In this role, you will be responsible for creating monthly financial reports and implementing budgets. You will procure funding through financial institutions, make investments, provide analytical insights, and calculate our financial risks.

The ideal individual will have a degree in accounting or finance and public accountant certification. You will have at least five years of experience as a Finance Manager and have excellent communication and report-writing skills.

View Finance Manager Job Spec

Credit Controller Job Description

Credit Controllers help companies manage their debtors and creditors.

Credit Controller job description example:

Our business is searching for an experienced Credit Controller to help us manage our creditors and debtors. In this role, you will evaluate credit requests, process invoices, ensure timely repayments, and maintain our sales ledger.

Your duties will include responding to client enquires, preparing reports and statements, negotiating payment plans, and setting credit terms for new clients.

To find success in this role, you will hold a degree in finance, mathematics, or accounting and have previously worked as a Credit Controller. You will have accounting software proficiency and an excellent understanding of payment plans, interest rates, and loans.

View Credit Controller Job Spec

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Job Description

Chief Financial Officers are responsible for their company’s  financial planning and activities.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) job description example:

Our company is hiring a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who will take responsibility for our financial activities and actions. You will create financial plans, analyse company strengths and weaknesses, and track cash flow in this role.

We expect you to make financial forecasts, maintain investor relationships, and oversee our financial IT systems. Your duties will require you to work closely with our Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer.

To be a successful CFO, you will need a degree in finance, economics, or accounting and have ten years of experience in a senior management position. 

View Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Job Spec

Accounts Payable Job Description

Accounts Payable personnel are responsible for ensuring that invoices and payments are received on time. They process payments, manage customer accounts and work with team members to reduce outstanding invoices.

Accounts Payable job description example:

We are seeking a driven and organised Accounts Payable Clerk to join our accounting team. As an Accounts Payable Clerk, you will be responsible for processing payments and managing customer accounts. You will build relationships with customers and ensure that payments are received promptly.

In this role, you will play an essential part in managing incomes and payments owed to the company. You will investigate discrepancies, send bill reminders and prepare bank deposits. Other tasks include managing the electronic business ledger and producing financial reports.

Our ideal candidate will have account management or Accounts Payable experience. Experience with accounting software and excellent attention to detail are essential.

View Accounts Payable Job Spec

Finance Officer Job Description

A Finance Officer is responsible for overseeing the financial policies of a corporation. They will prepare budgets, manage spending and ensure that all economic systems and procedures follow the business financial goals.

Finance Officer job description example:

Our organisation is seeking a Finance Officer to manage financial procedures within the company. As Finance Officer, you will plan budgets, conduct audits, and monitor transactions. You will need to prepare invoices and chase payments.

We expect you to create financial policies to increase business growth and maintain financial records. You will monitor bank deposits, perform financial analysis and prepare balance sheets.

Our ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Accounting and extensive knowledge of financial procedures and regulations. You will need to have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

View Finance Officer Job Spec

Financial Advisor Job Description

A Financial Advisor works with clients to examine their expenses and income and helps them find financial products to help them achieve their savings goals. They can work for a financial institution or as a self-employed advisor working with private or business clients.

Financial Advisor job description example:

Our company is seeking a driven and highly organised Financial Advisor to work with our clients. As a Financial Advisor, you will meet with clients, analyse their expenditure and income streams and suggest products for retirement and savings. 

We expect you to advise clients on investment planning, cash management, and other financial strategies. You will need to review client accounts and make changes to suit evolving market conditions.

Our ideal client will have a Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a related field, extensive knowledge of financial products, and previous experience working with clients from all backgrounds.

View Financial Advisor Job Spec

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