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The Roles Of Finance Executives

The Roles Of Finance Executives

The UK banking and finance industry has undergone a degree of change and reorganisation, and qualified, experienced professionals remain in high demand. As a highly regulated business sector, many jobs require individuals with particular skills to complete their duties and remain compliant. Attracting applicants and recruiting the right individuals relies on accurate job descriptions and denoting roles, skills, and certifications.

Here we look at the finance roles and responsibilities of each position, which will form part of your job advert and hiring strategy.

Roles of a Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst interprets financial data and creates forecasting reports. They conduct research and create corporate finance models.

Financial Analyst roles and responsibilities:

  • Analysing financial data and identifying risks and trends
  • Evaluating inventory, asset depreciation, and expenditure
  • Researching economic conditions and making trend-based recommendations 
  • Preparing projection and accounting reports
  • Creating financial models 
  • Liaising with risk analysts and members of the financial and management team

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Roles of a Financial Controller

A Financial Controller’s focus is improving the financial performance of their company or group. Degree-qualified, these professionals direct accounting operations and produce financial statements.

Financial Controller roles and responsibilities:

  • Analysing financial data and creating income and expenditure statements
  • Monitoring internal controls and policy adherence
  • Streamlining the operations and accounting procedures
  • Coordinating audits and managing risk
  • Formulating financial strategies and implementing plans
  • Managing financial transactions

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Roles of a Finance Assistant

The duties of Finance Assistants include financial record keeping and payment processing. These detail orientated individuals help their organisations control costs and investigate discrepancies.

Finance Assistant roles and responsibilities:

  • Producing invoices and processing payments
  • Maintaining databases and generating reports
  • Overseeing client’s accounts
  • Investigating financial and payment discrepancies
  • Recommending improvements to reduce costs and improve efficiency
  • Using accounting software to maintain accurate records

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Roles of a Finance Director

Financial Directors hold a senior company position and typically have financial management or accounting qualifications. They improve financial performance and report to investors and stakeholders.

Finance Director roles and responsibilities:

  • Overseeing tax and audit functions
  • Directing accounting staff and managing internal controls
  • Preparing financial plans and strategies
  • Preparing detailed budgets and making profit and loss forecasts
  • Assessing and minimising risk
  • Ensuring legal compliance
  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Arranging annual business insurance

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Roles of a Finance Manager

The duties of a Finance Manager encompass planning and organising financial projects and tasks. Typically having an accounting or finance degree, they help companies achieve growth and profitability.

Finance Manager roles and responsibilities:

  • Estimating the funds required to undertake tasks and complete projects
  • Developing budgets and minising debt costs
  • Procuring financing through financial institutions
  • Calculating investment risks and opportunities
  • Supervising month-end processes and reporting
  • Tracking KPI metrics

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Roles of a Credit Controller

Credit Controllers manage their organisation’s creditors and debtors. They process invoices and payments and maintain the sales ledger.

Credit Controller roles and responsibilities:

  • Evaluating new and existing customers’ credit risks
  • Performing credit checks and setting account limits
  • Chasing payments and arranging payment plans
  • Preparing reports and statements for the company accountant
  • Responding to client enquiries
  • Managing the company’s sale ledger

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Roles of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

The Chief Financial Officer analyses a company’s strengths and weaknesses and creates appropriate plans for financial actions and activities.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) roles and responsibilities:

  • Tracking cash flow and ensuring the availability of working capital
  • Maintaining investor relations
  • Supervising lower-level finance managers
  • Overseeing the company’s financial IT systems
  • Producing reports and forecasts
  • Working in close cooperation with the CEO, COO, and CMO

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Roles of Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Executives communicate with clients and ensure invoice payments are collected on time. The individual’s goal is to monitor and reduce outstanding debt.

Accounts Payable roles and responsibilities:

  • Collecting payments and updating the accounts payable database
  • Coordinating actions with the accounts receivable team
  • Preparing bills, invoices, and bank remittances 
  • Sending payment reminders and calling clients
  • Responding to client’s questions and discrepancies
  • Preparing financial statements and reports

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Roles of a Finance Officer

Finance Officers manage the company’s financial procedures and policies. They prepare budgets, conduct audits, and monitor transactions.

Finance Officer roles and responsibilities:

  • Creating invoices and balance sheets
  • Implementing financial policies to boost operational efficiency
  • Planning budgets and expenditure limits
  • Monitoring payment transactions and bank deposits
  • Detecting and resolving errors
  • Preparing and conducting audits
  • Maintaining records and receipts in line with regulations

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Roles of a Financial Advisor

Financial Advisors help customers with financial planning and resilience. They sell financial products and work with private, self-employed, and business clients.

Financial Advisor roles and responsibilities:

  • Establishing the client’s risk tolerance
  • Recommending investment plans and strategies
  • Selling insurance, pension, and investment products
  • Interpreting financial documents and creating summaries and reports
  • Contacting clients to identify changes in their financial circumstances
  • Referring customers to other professionals or financial institutions

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