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Civil Service Job Descriptions

Civil Service Job Descriptions

Careers in civil services are extremely rewarding, and civil service jobs are varied, ranging from Human Resources to roles protecting the general public, collecting statistics, or assessing housing needs. Still, recruiters and employers can find it challenging to attract young, old, experienced, skilled, or unskilled workers into one of these professions.

Attracting candidates towards jobs in local or central government organisations requires a neatly-honed job description that explains the role, responsibilities, qualifications, experience, and duties. To ensure all of these bases are covered and attract the right kind of talent, we recommend using a job description template as a starting point when creating job adverts. 

To assist you, we look at some of the significant roles in the civil service and provide a job description example for each.

DWP Work Coach Job Description

A DWP Work Coach is responsible for supporting people with advice and coaching to help them secure a job. They work with people claiming income support to guide and coach them to secure employment and gain financial freedom.

DWP Work Coach job description example:

We are looking for a DWP Work Coach to work with clients in our busy department. Responsibilities include assisting individuals to gain independence and coaching them for interviews for getting a job. You will use your judgment and experience to work with various individuals in the community and help them gain financial control.

We expect you to offer advice and support, comply with legal regulations and nurture job search effectiveness to help clients secure employment.

The ideal candidate will have an empathetic and persuasive personality and be able to motivate and coach individuals.

Census Officer Job Description

A Census Office is responsible for visiting homes and collecting information for the census. They work around their assigned areas and visit all households to collect accurate data.

Census Officer job description example:

We are seeking a Census Office to join our division in our data collection work. You will be responsible for visiting the homes in an assigned area, collecting information, and ensuring all data is up to date and accurate. You will collect feedback from households and engage with people on their home doorsteps.

We expect you to complete an assigned daily quota of respondents and help people understand the significance of the census.

Our ideal candidate will be reliable and tech-savvy, including using smartphones. Excellent communication skills are a must, and a second language would be advantageous.

Housing Officer Job Description

A Housing Officer is responsible for managing housing and related services for an organisation. They can work in the private sector for property companies or local authorities, housing associations, or charities.

Housing Officer job description example:

Our organisation is looking for a Housing Office to manage our portfolio of properties. As part of the local authority housing association, you will be responsible for assigning housing, collecting rents, and arranging maintenance visits.

We expect you to deal with antisocial behaviour issues, attend tenant meetings, and instigate legal proceedings when required.

Our ideal candidate will have experience in housing or property management, awareness of social housing policies, and excellent organisational and planning skills.

Property Manager Job Description

A Property Manager acts as the point of contact for both the landlord and the tenant. They are the mediator between parties and carry out various management tasks, including resolving property issues, arranging maintenance, and collecting rent payments.

Property Manager job description example:

Our company is seeking a Property Manager to oversee our properties. As the Property Manager, your responsibilities will include scheduling maintenance visits, finding tenants, and carrying out property inspections. You will need to check tenant references, conduct interviews, and ensure all tenant needs are met.

We expect you to hire and manage property staff, screen tenants, handle evictions and negotiate leases. You will act professionally at all times as the representative of our property department.

Our ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Property Management, excellent negotiation skills, and the ability to solve problems and resolve disputes.

Community Manager Job Description

A Community Manager supervises services that support members of the community. They meet with people to identify areas of need, promote social programmes, and direct workers to ensure resources are placed where they are needed most.

Community Manager job description example:

We are looking to recruit a Community Manager to work within our team and drive our community services. Duties will include engaging and communicating across various mediums, promoting community initiatives, and identifying new opportunities. You will need to lead and work with people across multiple services and develop community opportunities.

We expect you to advocate services to the community members, collate best practices and ensure all programmes are available to those that need them.

Our ideal candidate will have superb communication skills, excellent presentation abilities, and be able to work with individuals across diverse backgrounds.

Compliance Officer Job Description

A Compliance Officer is responsible for ensuring that organisations comply with the local authority and national guidelines. They oversee company procedures across departments to ensure everything aligns with legal requirements, safety laws, and company policies.

Compliance Officer job description example:

Our organisation is recruiting a Compliance Officer to ensure all our business activities comply with legal and corporate policies and regulations. Your responsibilities will include working with the staff at all levels to manage risk, update procedures to relevant laws and new rules, and educate team members on best practices.

We expect you to father internal information, handle regulatory audits or information requests and escalate any areas of concern to the relevant parties.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Business or a related field, excellent problem-solving skills, and an in-depth understanding of law and regulations within our industry.

Forensic Psychologist Job Description

A Forensic Psychologist applies psychological theory and training to help in criminal investigations. They will work with investigating officers to analyse crimes and work with people to treat them after they have been convicted of a crime.

Forensic Psychologist job description example:

We are seeking a Forensic Psychologist to work with our legal team. As a Forensic Psychologist, your duties include carrying out assessments, researching cases, and providing testimony in court cases. Other responsibilities include conducting risk assessments, presenting findings, and consulting with the legal team.

We expect you to study behaviours, provide behavioral management plans and assist in research for our cases. You will work with our attorneys and legal specialists, so excellent communication skills are essential.

Our ideal candidate will have a Forensic Psychology degree or related qualifications, previous experience working on forensic psychiatric cases, and superb planning and research abilities.

Security Officer Job Description

A Security Officer is responsible for securing personnel and premises. They will patrol a business and control access to the area by monitoring access points, inspecting buildings, and permitting entry.

Security Officer job description example:

Our company is recruiting a Security Officer to oversee the safety and security of our premises. As a Security Officer, you will be responsible for patrolling the property, monitoring CCTV, and controlling entry to access points. You will secure fences, doors, and buildings and direct traffic to relevant areas.

We expect you to patrol the business premises on foot, so being physically fit is essential. Other duties include contacting emergency services when required, writing security reports, and arranging repairs to security systems is needed.

Our ideal candidate will have previous experience as a security guard or similar role, excellent attention to detail, and a helpful and professional attitude.

Police Officer Job Description

A Police Officer protects members of the public by maintaining order. They will patrol a designated area, either in a vehicle or by foot, monitor and detect signs of crimes and arrest anyone breaking the law.

Police Officer job description example:

We are seeking a Police Officer to join our team and protect the local community. Responsibilities include patrolling areas, deterring crimes, and monitoring for signs of criminal or dangerous activity. You will also help the community decrease crime through initiatives, respond to emergencies and act as a point of contact for citizens requiring assistance.

We expect you to conduct investigations, interview suspects and make arrests, so physical fitness and excellent analysis and observation skills are essential.

The ideal candidate will have a valid driver’s licence, excellent fitness levels, and the ability to pass medical and background checks.

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