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Marketing Job Descriptions

Marketing Job Descriptions

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Candidate recruitment can be challenging for any role, but few positions in a company have a more significant impact on a brand’s reputation and success. High calibre marketing talent can drive awareness, encourage engagement, and increase sales.

With a critical role to fill, your job description needs to be on par and hit all the right notes. You need to cover what the role involves, the marketing employee’s responsibilities, the level of experience you desire, and the unique aspects of working in the position in your organisation or company.

The task of writing a job description can seem daunting; however, when you start with a job description template, the lion’s share of work is done for you. Here we look at various marketing jobs that you may be recruiting for and provide a job description example for each.

Marketing Manager Job Description

Marketing Managers are responsible for overseeing a company’s brand promotion activities. They work closely with other managers within the business to develop effective advertising campaigns.

Marketing Manager job description example:

We are searching for a Marketing Manager who will lead our marketing team and guide the direction of our research and advertising. The successful candidate will be responsible for identifying new customers, creating promotions, and supporting our lead generation efforts.

We expect you to work within the determined budgets as you help our company increase its market share. Your duties will include supporting the sales team, organising events, communicating the marketing plan, evaluating our competitors, and overseeing social media and public relations.

To succeed as a Marketing Manager, you will need previous experience leading a team and developing marketing strategies and campaigns. A marketing or business administration degree is a must for this position.

Social Media Manager Job Description

A Social Media Manager, sometimes referred to as a Community Manager, analyses engagement data and steers a company’s online interactions with customers and the public.

Social Media Manager job description example:

Our organisation is recruiting a Social Media Manager to oversee our social media engagement and content strategies. You will be responsible for conducting research, implementing campaigns to help the business achieve its goals, and collaborating with sales, marketing, and customer service teams to ensure brand consistency.

You will monitor SEO and other metrics, publish daily content, and research audience preferences and trends.

To succeed as the Social Media Manager for our company, you will need excellent communication skills and a knack for creativity. Along with a degree in marketing or another relevant field, you will be familiar with web design, search engine optimisation, and content management.

Copywriter Job Description

Copywriters create engaging content that helps inform readers and guide them towards a purchasing decision or solution. 

Copywriter job description example:

We are looking for an enthusiastic Copywriter to join our busy content creation team. Your duties will include writing content by utilising your research skills and knowledge of our company’s products and services.

You will formulate ideas, pen original copy, and collaborate with different teams to support our broader creative activities. Your content must be accurate and always bear in mind the business’s objectives.

The ideal Copywriter will have previous experience in our industry and have a high proficiency in typing and technology. A degree in English or communications is preferred, and you should be prepared to work to strict deadlines and be open to feedback.

Creative Director Job Description

Creative Directors lead the marketing departments in a business or advertising company. They work with various teams to deliver the strategic vision of the business.

Creative Director job description example:

We are seeking an innovative Creative Director to lead the creative department of our business. You will be responsible for driving business growth through marketing and promotional activities. You will oversee the digital, print, and other media campaigns to ensure brand continuity.

You will be expected to work with the marketing department and graphic design team to deliver engaging content that fits the client brief.

To be a successful Creative Director, you will need excellent communication and leadership skills and develop unique and innovative marketing concepts.

Marketing Assistant Job Description

Marketing Assistants work with the marketing team to develop strategies for brand management. They help identify market trends, create marketing materials, and provide administrative support to sales and marketing team members.

Marketing Assistant job description example:

Our company is recruiting a Marketing Assistant to work closely with the marketing team. You will help to develop marketing plans, implement brand strategies, and research competitors. You will also support the sales and marketing teams to identify growth opportunities and create marketing materials to attract customers.

We expect you to provide administrative support to the marketing team and give presentations on campaigns and other promotional strategies.

To succeed as a Marketing Assistant, previous experience in sales, marketing or administration would be helpful. You will need to have excellent communication and organisational skills.

Marketing Job Description 

Marketing jobs involve developing strategies to promote a company’s brand, product, and services. Marketing positions require creating campaigns, researching potential new markets, and identifying trends to maximise sales and build brand awareness.

Marketing job description example:

We are recruiting a Marketing professional to promote our business through advertising and social media campaigns. You will be responsible for developing and overseeing advertising strategies, research, and digital and commercial duties.

You will be expected to manage social media and other online campaigns, coordinate all marketing activities and create presentations and reports on results.

To succeed in Marketing, you will need a marketing or related degree and have superb creative skills. Commercial awareness and excellent team working are also essential.

Brand Manager Job Description

Brand Managers build and oversee strategies to enhance a corporate brand to attract a target market. They need to maintain brand integrity across all marketing communications and create campaigns to expand sales.

Brand Manager job description example:

We are recruiting a Brand Manager to help us build brand awareness and brand value. You will work with various teams to develop marketing campaigns and other promotional activities to increase sales by attracting our target market.

We expect you to develop budgets, plan events and campaigns, and measure campaign performance effectiveness by assessing KPIs and ROI.

To succeed as a Brand Manager, you will need to identify market trends, research advertising strategies, and build brand awareness.

Event Manager Job Description

Event Managers are responsible for organising and managing business and promotional events. They control all aspects of the event, including planning, scheduling vendors, and overseeing the event on the day.

Event Manager job description example:

We are seeking an Event Manager to handle company events. You will be responsible for hosting events and enhancing our brand and client experience. Your duties will include securing venues, managing the events calendar, and negotiating with vendors.

We expect you to assist with marketing the events and ensuring the event brief is met. You will enhance employee and client relations and amplify our brand visibility through your creativity in event planning.

To succeed as an Event Manager, you will need superb organisational and interpersonal skills and manage many elements to ensure the event’s success.

Digital Marketing Manager Job Description

Digital Marketing Managers oversee all elements of digital marketing for the company. They develop and monitor campaigns, manage social media platforms and work with the marketing team to develop growth strategies. Digital Marketing Managers lead activities to build the company brand and increase market share.

Digital Marketing Manager job description example:

We are seeking a Digital Marketing Manager to lead the marketing team. You will be responsible for all marketing activities to grow our brand and increase customer reach. Your duties will include planning, implementing, and overseeing digital campaigns across all digital channels.

We expect you to monitor campaign budgets, manage our social network interactions and campaigns and identify the latest trends and technologies that will work for our industry.

To succeed as a Digital Marketing Manager, you will need exceptional communication skills and identify market trends.

Marketing Executive Job Description

Marketing Executives are responsible for marketing the products and services of a company. A Marketing Executive is knowledgeable in the businesses product lines and historical market trends. They need to spot potential new markets and understand how to market to potential new customers through various media, including online, printed ads, and social media advertising.

Marketing Executive job description example:

We are looking for a creative and driven Marketing Executive to oversee the promotion of our company brand. You will be responsible for researching market trends, identifying new customers, and implementing lead generation activities.

We expect you to create promotions and lead advertising campaigns to drive sales. You will also manage marketing budgets and work with the advertising team to develop an ongoing advertising strategy.

To succeed as a Marketing Executive, you will need excellent knowledge in social media and online marketing, and a degree in marketing is essential.

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