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Sales Job Descriptions

Sales Job Descriptions

Let’s face it, most companies live or die on the sales of the products or services they provide. With revenue and profit at risk, recruiting the right sales staff is essential. It is an exciting field for those with the right mindset and personality, so you will have plenty of candidates to choose from. But, how do you ensure you attract the right people with the drive, motivation, and skills to succeed in this demanding role?

Your sales job description and ad’s style and inclusions will directly influence the type of people that apply. To get it right, we recommend you begin with a job description template and then add or remove the bits that are appropriate to your specific role and company culture.

Here we offer several job description examples for the most popular jobs in sales.

Sales Assistant Job Description

The Sales Assistant title is given to the general sales staff within a business or organisation. They may undertake various tasks, require previous industry knowledge, or learn on the job.

Sales Assistant job description example:

We are recruiting for a Sales Assistant to join our busy team, conducting inbound and outbound sales activities. You will be responsible for assisting customers over the phone and on the sales floor. You will process sales transactions and refunds, conduct stock audits, and receive inventory from couriers.

We expect you to handle customer complaints and maintain accurate records and database records. You will ensure merchandise is clean and well-presented, carefully follow company policies, and prepare daily bank remittances.

To succeed as a Sales Assistant, you will need excellent face-to-face and telephone communication skills. Previous experience is an advantage, along with proficiency with computers, databases, and spreadsheets.

Retail Assistant Job Description

A Retail Assistant works in a customer-facing position, selling products or services in a shop or event location. Although often considered a junior position, your brand reputation is directly influenced by the actions and attitudes of these professionals.

Retail Assistant job description example:

Our well-established company is hiring a Retail Assistant to work in a busy store. In this role, your duties will include describing the features and benefits of our products and services, with an aim to sell an appropriate solution. You will handle customer enquiries and complaints, process sales using our POS system, and provide excellent customer service.

You will be responsible for greeting and approaching customers, maintaining window displays, and checking stock levels. You will also remain aware of shoplifting and identity fraud.

To find success as a Retail Assistant, you will need to be punctual, reliable, and capable of working in a team. You will be presentable, polite, computer proficient, and able to maintain high financial accuracy.

Sales Manager Job Description

Sales Managers hold leadership and supervisory positions, overseeing sales teams as they strive to meet sales targets. A Sales Manager might be responsible for hiring and training staff and creating a sales plan or strategy.

Sales Manager job description example:

We are searching for a Sales Manager to join our company and guide our sales team. In this role, you will help the individuals meet their sales goals through training, mentorship, target setting, and reviews. You will create and implement sales strategies, work closely with the marketing manager, and help identify and approach new customers.

Your duties will include gathering market data, analysing budgets, monitoring expenses, and bring new products to market.

To find success as a Sales Manager, you will have a degree in marketing, business administration, mathematics, or a related field. You will have at least five years of experience in sales or marketing, have strong analytical skills, proficiency in writing reports, and thrive working under pressure.

Recruitment Consultant Job Description

Recruitment Consultants are responsible for connecting candidates to their ideal jobs. They will attract and interview job seekers and place them in matching permanent or temporary positions to meet client requirements.

Recruitment Consultant job description example:

We are seeking a highly motivated Recruitment Consultant to be our recruitment agency’s key point of contact. You will be responsible for attracting applicants, carrying out background checks, and conducting interviews. You will match the candidates to the right jobs to ensure the best fit for clients and job seekers.

We expect you to arrange advertisements, screen candidates, assess, and set up interviews. You will build relationships with both job seekers and companies to ensure ongoing interactions.

To succeed, you will need HR or Recruitment experience and have excellent organisational and interpersonal skills.

Commercial Manager Job Description

Commercial Managers are responsible for identifying market opportunities, driving growth, and leading marketing opportunities. They oversee different teams to ensure the company activities align with overall business strategy and commercial goals.

Commercial Manager job description example:

We are actively recruiting a Commercial Manager to join our organisation. You will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to meet company targets. Duties include developing plans for business development, collaborating with sales and marketing teams, and developing growth strategies.

You will be expected to build beneficial partnerships, take strategic risks, and understand market trends to identify commercial opportunities.

To succeed, you will need experience as a Commercial Manager or related role and have excellent leadership, communication, and organisational skills.

Product Owner Job Description

Product Owners are responsible for bringing a product to fruition by managing the whole production and design process. They ensure that the product is continually updated and conforms to market requirements.

Product Owner job description example:

We are recruiting a Product Owner to implement our product strategies and drive business goals. Your duties will include overseeing the product vision and design process and managing the whole process throughout production. The finished product will need to meet the client’s brief and preferences.

We expect you to research and identify the customer’s needs and present the product ideas to clients and leadership. You will also manage the review and audit process as part of managing the entire product life cycle.

To succeed, you will need a computer engineering degree or similar and excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.

Sales Advisor Job Description

Sales Advisors handle sales transactions and help people find the best products to meet their needs. They explain a product’s benefits and features, help clients find the best items, and encourage further purchases to build customer value.

Sales Advisor job description example:

Our company is seeking a highly motivated Sales Advisor to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for advising customers on product features and benefits, processing sales, and arranging merchandise. You will also maintain customer information in the sales database and handle customer complaints.

We expect you to have a professional and engaging approach and be confident and outgoing when dealing with customers and other team members.

To be successful, you will need a proven sales track record, excellent communication skills, and trustworthiness to handle transactions correctly.

Sales Executive Job Description

Sales Executives act as the key point of contact between a business and its customers. They answer sales queries and offer advice with the aim of closing sales and developing client relations.

Sales Executive job description example:

Our company is looking for an experienced Sales Executive to be the face of our company to our clients. Your responsibilities include pursuing sales leads, maintaining client relations, and negotiating deals. You will also be responsible for promoting new products and offering advice to clients.

We expect you to research and analyse potential sales leads and build and maintain your networks. You will be contributing to the team to achieve the financial goals of the business.

To be successful, you will need experience in sales or CRM, excellent negotiation skills, and a passion for exceeding targets.

Account Executive Job Description

Account Executives are responsible for driving sales and maximising the relationship with customers. They will develop sales leads strategies, close sales, and increase sales from existing clients.

Account Executive job description example:

We are seeking an Account Executive to research sales opportunities and close leads. Your duties will include researching and understanding market trends and identifying potential new customers. You will communicate with clients, recognise their needs and recommend the products and services to serve them best.

We expect you to develop sales strategies to ensure you meet sales targets. An adaptable and personable nature is essential for this position.

To succeed as an Account Executive, you will need excellent communication skills and be able to foster excellent relationships with clients.

Sales Director Job Description

Sales Directors manage all sales efforts, including the sales team and strategies for generating sales. They motivate the sales team and support them to achieve sales targets.

Sales Director job description example:

We are recruiting an experienced and motivated Sales Director to oversee our sales team and drive growth. You will be responsible for developing strategies to help sales team members hit sales targets and ensure excellent customer relationships. 

You will be expected to achieve financial and sales targets, create action plans, and monitor customer and market trends. A proven sales track record and leadership experience will be essential.

To succeed in this role, you will need to have a degree in sales, marketing, or a related field and have excellent negotiation and interpersonal skills.

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