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Construction Job Descriptions

Construction Job Descriptions

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Construction jobs have a breadth like few other industries, requiring individuals with physical, creative, and technical skills. From carpenters making cabinets or roof framing to architects drafting blueprints and envisioning building concepts, there is demand for qualified and practical expertise.

Construction companies are rarely quiet or searching for projects. With no let-up in demand for new buildings and renovations, there is stiff competition for candidates.

The only way to compete against other employers and recruiters is to nail your job description. It is crucial for your job description to acutely portray the responsibilities and experience required for the role, with ambiguity leading to candidates moving onto the next job ad. We recommend using a job description template to ensure you include the critical points and must-have skills.

Here we provide example job descriptions for the roles inside construction.

Architect Job Description

Architects are both creative and technical, bringing together a myriad of skills to create buildings that meet the client’s wishes and planning and building regulations.

Architect job description example:

We are searching for an Architect to manage projects from initial conception through to the final construction stages. In this role, you will be responsible for nurturing client relationships, proposing a design, creating drawings, and setting specifications.

We expect you to create budgets, oversee the project team, and create construction documents. Your duties also include ensuring new buildings are delivered on time.

To succeed as an Architect, you will have a degree in Architecture and in-depth knowledge of AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite, Newforma, and Revit. You will have previous experience, strong communication skills, and expert knowledge of building codes.

Labourer Job Description

Labourers are the backbone of the construction site carrying out many essential tasks and assisting your qualified tradespeople.

Labourer job description example:

We are searching for a Labourer to join our growing building firm. You will perform varied tasks in this role, from preparing the worksite to digging trenches and manual handling of equipment and construction products.

Your duties will include erecting safety barriers, warning signs, and scaffolding. You will use and clean tools such as drills and grinders and work closely with professional painters and decorators.

To find success as a Labourer, you will need to be physically fit with good practical skills. You must be able to work as part of a team and follow strict health and safety guidelines.

Carpenter Job Description

Carpenters are skilled craftspeople who have learned their woodworking craft on the job or through an apprenticeship.

Carpenter job description example:

Our busy construction and renovation firm is seeking a Carpenter to join our team of professionals. During your shift, you can expect to install window and door frames, floors, ceilings, and exterior and interior trims. 

We expect you to work without supervision and check the quality of your work. You will take accurate measurements, make quantity calculations, and follow blueprints and sketches.

To succeed as our Carpenter, you will need high-level carpentry proficiency, experience using manual and powered tools, and be able to follow construction health and safety.

Civil Engineer Job Description

Civil Engineers are highly qualified professionals responsible for construction infrastructure projects, ensuring they protect or improve the environment.

Civil Engineer job description example:

Our company is seeking a Civil Engineer to join our planning and construction team. You will be responsible for creating technical feasibility studies, conducting site investigations, and liaising with clients and professionals.

Your duties will include ensuring projects adhere to legal compliance and job specifications. You will assess risks, resolve problems, and oversee scheduling and tendering.

To find success as our Civil Engineer, you will need an ICE recognised qualification, a degree in Civil Engineering, and excellent technical and interpersonal skills.

Electrician Job Description

An Electrician conducts numerous tasks that may be centred on installation, maintenance, problem-solving, or repair.

Electrician job description example:

Our company is hiring an Electrician to take responsibility for installing and repairing electrical control, lighting, and wiring systems.

You will follow blueprints and technical drawings in this position, inspect and test electrical installations, including components and circuit breakers, and wire heating and air conditioning systems.

To succeed in this role, you will need a technical college electrician’s degree, a completed apprenticeship, and experience working with schematics and renewable energy.

Interior Designer Job Description

Interior Designers are creative, artistic, and detail-focused individuals who require outstanding interpersonal and conceptualisation skills.

Interior Designer job description example:

Our forward-thinking business is recruiting an Interior Designer to oversee the visual design of our client’s projects. You will outline clear design objectives, sketch plans, create mood boards, and present concepts to clients in this role.

We expect you to project costs for each project, source materials and products, and inspect the construction. The core of your duties is to ensure the client’s goals are met.

To find success as our Interior Designer, you will need project management experience, a degree in Interior Design, and proficiency with design software such as Illustrator, SketchUp, and AutoCAD.

Plumber Job Description

Plumbers are tasked with installing, maintaining, and repairing water, sanitation, heating, and gas systems.

Plumber job description example:

Our construction company is hiring a Plumber to work as part of our professional tradesperson team. In this role, you will install, maintain, and repair gas supply, water, and sanitation systems, associated with appliances and fixtures in commercial and residential premises.

Your duties will include independently solving problems, following strict safety protocols, and preparing estimates. You will cut, weld, and assemble tubes, pipes, fittings, and fixtures.

To succeed in this role, you will hold a trade qualification and have at least two years of experience as a Plumber. You will have proficiency using plumbing tools, reading blueprints, and communicating with other tradespeople, officials, and clients.

Construction Project Manager Job Description

A Construction Project Manager oversees building and repair jobs from start to completion. They will work with peo[ple across various trades and organise materials to deliver completed construction projects on time and to a specified budget.

Construction Project Manager job description example:

Our company is looking for an efficient and organised Construction Project Manager to join our team. Your responsibilities will include supervising and overseeing the project progress and reporting on progress. You will ensure work complies with building and safety regulations and conduct safety inspections.

We expect you to oversee budgets, manage materials and labour and create a schedule for contractors. Other duties include working with architects and engineers to develop projects and ensuring projects are completed on time.

Our ideal candidate will have an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry and be self-motivated. Previous experience in project management and knowledge of local and national building regulations would be advantageous. 

Handyman Job Description

A Handyman works on various projects carrying out repairs and maintenance. They can work as part of a construction team and help people in their homes decorating, cleaning waste, or repairing fixtures and fittings.

Handyman job description example:

Our organisation is recruiting a Handyman to join our maintenance team. In this role, you will visit premises and assess work requirements. Duties include carrying out maintenance, assisting tradespeople, and installing products and equipment.

We expect you to carry out basic painting, decorating, cleaning, and plumbing jobs. You will need to identify issues and ensure repairs and solutions fix the problem effectively.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience in building maintenance or construction. Problem-solving abilities and excellent communication skills are required.

Joiner Job Description

A Joiner works with wood to create items for tasks and projects. They can work on large construction projects or small jobs and build everything from floorboards and window frames to roofing timbers.

Joiner job description example:

We are seeking a Joiner to be part of our building and construction team. Your responsibilities will vary, including installing structural building elements and creating wooden projects to meet specific needs. You will use equipment to create framing for cabinets, roofing beams, and door frames.

We expect you to work on your own and be part of a team to complete construction projects. You will read blueprints and plans and create wooden framing and other items to fit these specifications.

The ideal candidate will have excellent practical skills and high levels of physical fitness. Joinery experience or a relevant NVQ or apprenticeship qualification would be an advantage.

Estimator Job Description

An Estimator is responsible for creating reports and budgets for products and services for clients. They will consider all information on a construction project to accurately calculate costs and timescales to allow project managers to set deadlines.

Estimator job description example:

Our construction company is seeking an Estimator to join our busy team. As an Estimator, you are responsible for assessing costs of products and services, acquiring quotes from suppliers and contractors, and preparing reports for budgeting and deadlines for each project.

We expect you to negotiate rates with vendors, build relationships with clients and suppliers and oversee projects through to completion. You will need excellent problem-solving and multitasking abilities.

The successful candidate will have excellent analytical and research skills. Spreadsheet and estimating software knowledge and the ability to work to deadlines and specified budgets are essential. 

Engineer Job Description

An Engineer uses mathematical and scientific principles to create solutions. They design, build, and test systems and structures, and solve problems. Engineers are experts in their specific industry and are driving innovation.

Engineer job description example:

Our organisation is seeking a highly-skilled Engineer to bolster our team. As an Engineer, you will be responsible for developing new products, improving existing production lines, and conducting research. You will need to identify possible market trends and create solutions to satisfy them.

We expect you to improve efficiency, estimate costs and timescales for production, and oversee projects to ensure they are delivered to deadlines. Duties include fixing problems and working with various teams to provide new products and drive company innovation.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, strong problem-solving skills, and superb communication and listening abilities. Previous project management experience would be an advantage.

Site Manager Job Description

A Site Manager oversees a construction project to ensure that works are completed on time and to the specified budget. They work with people across different construction site areas and coordinate labour and materials to maintain the work schedule.

Site Manager job description example:

We are seeking a highly organised and driven Site Manager to join our company. In this role, you will act as the point of contact between construction teams and senior management. You will oversee daily operations, coordinate employees, approve project plans and track progress.

We expect you to enforce all workplace policies and health and safety procedures. Duties include reviewing project plans, conducting performance reviews, and answering inquiries from project partners.

Our ideal candidate will have budget management or leadership experience. Knowledge of site safety and a willingness to work on a flexible schedule is essential.

Quantity Surveyor Job Description

A Quantity Surveyor is responsible for calculating and overseeing the costs for construction projects. They can work within land management, property, and construction companies and create estimates for buildings and other projects.

Quantity Surveyor job description example:

We are seeking a Quantity Surveyor to join our project team. Your duties will include analysing budgets, suggesting areas of improvement, and reviewing construction plans. You will prepare estimates and budgets for labour and materials and ensure projects stick to these budgets.

We expect you to negotiate contracts with suppliers and contractor labour and build relationships with clients and site personnel. Duties will also include advising managers on cost-saving strategies, documenting any design changes, and adjusting budgets accordingly.

Our ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Quantity Surveying, Engineering, or similar, have excellent negotiation skills, and knowledge of construction methods. You will need a valid driver’s licence and strong analytical skills.

Surveyor Job Description

A Surveyor is responsible for assessing construction methods and detecting issues with buildings. They visit construction sites and homes to inspect boundaries and building infrastructures and advise on defects and possible repairs

Surveyor job description example:

Our company is looking for an enthusiastic and highly organised Surveyor to join our busy team. As a Surveyor, you are responsible for inspecting project areas, calculating boundaries, and creating project maps. You will use tools to precisely measure land and projects.

We expect you to supervise field staff to make sure all projects are completed to deadlines. Duties include hiring and training field staff and creating survey reports.

Our ideal candidate will have a degree in Civil Engineering or similar, superb leadership skills, and experience in a Surveyor or related role. Knowledge of GPS and other surveying tools is essential.

Production Operator Job Description

A Production Operator monitors equipment in a production line to ensure everything runs smoothly and production stays on schedule. They can work across various machines or be responsible for a specific device within a production line.

Production Operator job description example:

Our business is seeking a Production Operator to oversee and manage machinery in our production facility. Your duties will include setting up the machine, monitoring operation, and taking out completed materials, ensuring they comply with high-quality standards.

We expect you to start the production cycle and control the machine settings making adjustments as required. Duties include inspecting parts using measuring tools and testing machinery for calibration.

Our ideal candidate will have excellent attention to detail, have a hard work ethic and be physically fit to handle the workload. Knowledge of production procedures and previous machine operation experience would be advantageous.

Production Manager Job Description

A Production Manager is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all production operations. They plan production schedules, arrange resources and ensure all staff and stock levels are adequate to keep operations running.

Production Manager job description example:

Our organisation is recruiting for a responsible and organised Production Manager to coordinate our production lines. Duties will include collaborating with product designers to understand requirements, estimate costs, and create workflows.

We expect you to estimate production costs and create projections for product timelines. You will need to ensure that all finished products meet the highest standards and conform to safety regulations.

The ideal candidate will have previous knowledge of production methods and knowledge of ERP systems and software. Superb leadership skills, extensive health and safety knowledge, and an understanding of quality standards are required.

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